Brooklyn Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, at the corner of Hyde and Jefferson, is a familiar Clark Lake landmark.  As part of their outreach to our community they are a new sponsor of this website.  Partner Chad Hagerty says “we believe in supporting the community, and this is one way we can express our appreciation to the people who have made us feel welcome here.” 

The well-known building is headquarters for both parts of the business–plumbing, and heating and air conditioning.  Chad Hagerty leads plumbing; and Kurt Causie, heating and air conditioning. This year marks the firm’s 30th anniversary.  Chad explains “my father, Bill Hagerty, established the company in 1987.  And yes, it was actually located in Brooklyn.”  But not for long.  Almost immediately, more space was needed and they found it at their current Clark Lake location. 

Kurt Causie & Chad Hagerty

How has this local company thrived for these 30 years?  “It’s all about pleasing the customer” says Kurt Causie.  He stresses the importance of communication.  “When someone wants to talk about a prospective job, or work we’ve already done, we’re quick to respond.  Yes, we have 24-hour emergency service and arrive when we say we will, but good communication is a difference maker.  We make it a priority.”

Those who don’t own or run a business may not be aware of how things can look from inside. Kurt reveals what he and Chad have learned. “The economy is cyclical.  The 1990s were boom years, then came the great recession, and you have to double down.”  When a local business makes it through rough times and comes out stronger than before, it’s a testament of what they are made of. Chad and Kurt know what goes into it–hard work, quality service, and follow through.  Kurt comments “we sometimes beat competitors by half because of the way our charges are structured.”  Chad adds “repeat business comes from treating customers fairly.”

Kurt says each day is a new adventure working with everyone here. “Many people at the lake are from somewhere else.  I’ve had someone here ask us to do work on their home in Detroit.  Even with the travel, we were able to beat Detroit pricing.”

Many have reacted to the new look of their building. Chad recalls “about 5 years ago, we wanted to put a face on the building that reflected the good feedback we get from customers.”  It worked.  “People stopped in for no other reason than to tell us how much they liked the renovation.” 

Brooklyn Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning covers a lot of ground.  They serve homeowners needing repairs, perform custom installations in remodels or new homes, and are involved in commercial work. They have 21 employees, with a mobile team who are qualified and licensed.

To learn more about Brooklyn, Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, please click the ad to the right.  And if you get a chance, please thank them for being part of the Clark Lake Spirit website!