As reported yesterday, PLM will be at Clark Lake today (Wed 7/29) to treat two small pockets of invasive species.  They will go after Starry Stonewort near the Eagle Point Marina boat launch and near the County Park at the east end.  PLM will also target some hybrid Eurasian water milfoil (HEWM), also near the park.  Signs will be posted in the area of treatment.  Restrictions will be minor and short-lived, as you can see in the chart below.

A copper product will be used at Eagle Point and near the County Park.  This product has no restrictions (see form). 

ProcellaCOR will be used in a three dock area near the County Park.  Michigan requires a one-day swimming restriction but only in the area of treatment.  Some other states, like Ohio, have no swimming restrictions when this product is used. 

Lakes that didn’t control invaders found boating, fishing and other recreational uses adversely affected— and property values diminished.  Clark Lake’s lakefront property owners petitioned Columbia Township to form a special assessment district (SAD) to thwart the problem.

Last summer’s major attack on hybrid Eurasian water milfoil (HEWM) was successful.  But vigilance is key to the future.  The other troubling invader found in Clark Lake is starry stonewort.  This algae has been very destructive to some lakes.  

To review the thorough documentation of the weed program, please click here.