If you thought you saw more fishing boats than usual on the lake last evening (Wed 6/7), you weren’t mistaken.  It was Clark Lake’s turn for the Wednesday Night Tournaments. Here you can see them lined up at the west end boat launch.  What’s not pictured are those being launched and a few boats roaming beyond the view of the camera.

Throughout the season competitors travel to area lakes to see if they can claim the prize.   The $40 fee is multiplied by the number of participants to cover the award.

Next outing will be Wampler’s Lake on June 28th.  Competition returns to Clark Lake on July 26th.

It’s not a free for all.  The boats must be ready for action at the 6 pm start, and it’s over at 9 pm.  Definite rules are in place (see below).


No word on the catch, yet.