Roads around the lake are in rough shape.  Endless potholes threaten to damage tires, wheels or expensive automobile accoutrements.  Some of the potholes look like craters under construction. A survey on Saturday, February 26, though not comprehensive, suggests “watch out.”  That puddle may hide a gorge just waiting to create havoc.  Taking it slowly is good advice.   

Two spots on Eagle Point Road deserve special attention. One, close to the east side of the road, is a deep pothole. 

North of it is a large crevice that stretches west to east over the road. 

Not far away, at the corner of Lakeview and Eagle Point, a deep pothole poses an unwelcome surprise. 

Hyde Road, at the North Shore corner, has a deep one. 

On the west lane of Hyde, not far from the boat launch, awaits another enemy to your vehicle. 

The entire length of Kentucky Avenue from North Lake to North Shore is particularly nasty. 

Dirt roads like Hayes Drive are often bad at anytime, but much worse now.   Have a section to add to the list?  Use the comment section below.