IMG_3174Recently Turner Movie Classics showed a newsreel film from the late 1940s that showcased a new sport—water skiing! Each daring participants rode on two skies behind a boat running at about 22 mph. They even took one hand off the tow rope handle, and courageously waved to the camera! Could they have only envisioned what took place today on Clark Lake!

The 2013 Shrinkage Showdown Wakeboard Competition wowed those who came out to view it. Several groups of competitors were scheduled to show their stuff: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Outlaw, Wakeskate, and Doubleskate. With each group, the display grew more impressive and exciting (see photos-click on them to enlarge…click again to reduce).



Unlike slalom water skiing competition, the course is not as exact and is determined by distance and not timed. Today’s course ran from near the Yacht Club to the cove north just north of Kentucky Point. Competitors chose their preferred speed and length of tow rope. Each had two passes.


The participant’s starting area was Eagle Point where spectators also gathered to watch. Those coming by saw a Nautique display and other related items. The event was sponsored by Boater’s Choice, Brooklyn.

You can find the results posted below the photos.


1st – Kaitlyn Adams
2nd – Evan Maley
3rd – Rachel Meier


1st – Brendon Thibodeau
2nd – Shannon Sahinbas
3rd – Conner Edger


1st – Mervin Schwartz
2nd – Steve Rokita
3rd – Drew Rokita


1st – Eric Blasiman
2nd – Ryan Tuckfield
3rd – Andrew Lajdziak


1st – Brendon Thibodeau
2nd – Kaitlyn Adams

Double up:

Best Trick – Mervin Schwartz