Wake boarding may be water skiing’s ultimate evolution.  Compared to what you’re about to see, trick skiing’s start at Clark Lake was humble, but look where it led. Some people remember when a skiers salute got you points in a tournament (two skis–one is in the water and the other held vertically with the other foot). What’s going on today is nothing short of amazing.

Andrew Lajdziak has been skiing at Clark Lake since he was 9.  The video you’re about to see features Andrew; and about half way through, B.J. Upell, who is from Evans Lake.  Andrew, B.J. Upell and B.J. Lyons filmed the action at Clark Lake over a three day period.  Andrew edited it and now it’s ready for you to enjoy.  Take a look!

So connected is Andrew to wake boarding that he now is part of the sales crew at Boater’s Choice in Brooklyn.  He’d be happy to show you what’s it all about.