Chief Elwell

If the governor signs specific bills on his desk before the end of the year, things could change near your home. This legislation, in a series of bills that are “tie-barred” (meaning all must pass together), removes a provision that allows local government some say in the setting of speed limits. This safety valve recently enabled Columbia Township to keep the 25 mph speed limit on Hyde Road.

You are probably much more familiar with another feature of this legislation that allows for the raising of speed limits to 75 mph in some areas. Whether you’re for or against that idea, the local safety valve goes away for streets like Hyde Road or possibly the one near you—if signed into law. From that time forward, state planners take over and your chance for a successful grass-roots challenge is minimized.

twp-park-ps-v2I’ve always believed that local government has a proper role. It’s closest to you and your neighbors, can have open ears when you speak, and act in your favor when appropriate. This provision is important so local government can act in your interest.

If the governor does not sign this bill, it will die—and that will be a good thing. If the 75 mph (and other) legislation comes back in a future session, let’s hope the local safety valve, allowed under very limited circumstances, will be preserved.

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