Each spring and fall, the Clark Lake Community Center publishes a newsletter.  View from the Center has become a Clark Lake tradition.  The latest edition is now available to for you to peruse.  Click here!

The View from the Center includes a look forward to this summer and a look back at last summer.  From our Clark Lake writers, you’ll get their perspectives on Raft-O-Rama, the Spirit Trail, Garden Angels, Dam Strong, Clark Lake Outdoors, Crab Races, Lions Club, Clarklake Community Church, Beach Bar band schedule, and more. 

You’ll also want to learn how the Community Center is preserving Clark Lake’s past.  And did you know that the Harvest Moon Festival returns this fall?  Don’t miss the video of the Graziani cottage floating down the lake to become the Community Center in the County Park.  You’ll see historic footage and comments from two present-day Clark Lake residents who were deeply involved in the move. 

For years the View from the Center came to you via US Mail.  Keeping abreast of the times, it is now entirely digital.  That allows for many more photos in full color, videos, and links to learn more about the topic being written about.