Today marks a new beginning for the Clark Lake Community Center newsletter.  The View from the Center, published every spring and fall, is now online.  You can now access the new digital version by clicking here.  Or go to, use the menu to go Community Center, and click Newsletter – May 2018.

Get ready to experience the articles about lake organizations and events as always, but in a new way.  You’ll see many more photos, all in vibrant color, and videos will add action.  The change to digital recognizes how many people get news these days, and brings the Clark Lake experience more fully to life.  By reducing costs, it allows the Community Center to maintain and improve this treasured landmark. 

Read articles by John Karkheck, Joe Collins, John Deming, Sandy Pease-Simon, Walter Reed, John Reed, and Rick Belcher.  This week, a reminder appeared in Clark Lake mailboxes.