Final touches are taking place on a major rebuild of our website. As a result, security, reliability and mobile-friendliness have all improved.  You can now search any article based on keywords (look for the magnifying glass).  The appearance and functionality have been refreshed, but not so much as to baffle regular users. The new DamCam appears live on the main page. When you sign on, there is a pop-up at the lower left.  We encourage you to enter your email address.  Currently, those who have “liked” the website on Facebook, get a brief headline and an invitation to click through to view the whole article.  Using email notifications as an alternative avoids relying too heavily on Facebook.  In any case, you make the pop-up go away instantly if you “x” out of it.  Though most won’t notice it, the URL is now the more secure “https://”.

No doubt there will be loose ends to be fixed as the website’s content level is quite large, and the site is more complex than most.  If you notice a problem or have questions, please email 

The website, born in summer 2013, is designed to preserve the heritage of Clark Lake.  It provides constant updates of activities and saves them for your viewing, and so becomes a living history of the lake.  It also has gathered together historical facts relevant to the lake and pieced them together into stories for all to enjoy.

Most importantly, the heart and soul of the website is built around one thing – our love of, and commitment to, Clark Lake–whether you are a resident, visitor or have some other connection. 

The website is the product of the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, and wouldn’t exist without the support of its directors.  Neither Foundation directors nor those who contribute content are compensated.  It’s purely a volunteer effort.  But there are third-party expenses for things like hosting and other technical issues which really do add up. People like you, who make regular monetary contributions to the Foundation, can know they are part of supporting this project that benefits everyone at the lake.  Please consider this 501c3 when deciding upon your donations.

Many deserve recognition, including those who have shared their stories, written for the site, and taken photos or videos.  It’s my pleasure to work with them and coordinate our collaboration.  As someone who does a major amount of reporting, writing, and visuals, I take pleasure in bringing it to fruition for our wonderful community–Clark Lake, Michigan. 

There are many others to thank, like John Collins and Peggy Collins. The DamCam is located on Beach Bar property and uses its internet connection at no cost to the Foundation.  Recently, a new camera was installed that allows much more flexibility.  In one view, for example, you can see some of the houses and cars on Hyde Road, as a backdrop to Eagle Point. Mike McKay paid for this new camera and its installation. 

The DamCam’s view of Eagle Point and houses along Hyde Road

We’re also grateful to those who chose to display their company on the website–their involvement helps defray costs.  We hope you’ll keep them top of mind–M-R Builder, A Plus Electric, Brooklyn Plumbing and Heating, and the Beach Bar.

–Rick Belcher

In Spring of 2016, the Exponent’s John Hummer wrote a story about the website.  In case you missed it, here it is for your review.