Although they failed to file a flight plan with us, the DamCam caught this contingent Tundra or Whistling Swans on their stopover at Clark Lake.  About 60 of them spent some quality time at the lake as they roamed the east end, apparently arriving last night.


Clark Lake was not their final destination.  These large, impressive birds migrate long distances from points north to spend winters in warmer climates.  After their rest stop at the lake, they took flight, circled the east end several times, and then faded from view over the horizon.   Watch their take-off in this one minute video.

These swans are not the same species as those who hangout at the lake during the summer.  These visitors have black, more pointed bills, rather than the orange ones that we see here most often.  

Thanks to John Deming and Lynn Vermeulen who spotted the swans and alerted the website.