The Township Board of Trustees tonight said “yes” to a new weed treatment to thwart invasive hybrid Eurasian water milfoil now present in Clark Lake.  When hybrid Eurasian water milfoil (HEWM) became a threat, lake front owners petitioned Columbia Township to create a special assessment district to deal with it.  Why? Other lakes found that leaving HEWM infestations unchecked clogged their waters-–reducing recreational opportunities, destroying wildlife habitat and diminishing property values.

Clark Lake’s initial treatment under the SAD was with a granular product called Renovate OTF. It was applied over about 30 acres in spots where HEWM was found and had significant results.  But it didn’t have the complete effect of tamping down invasive weed growth. Because of that, PLM, the company doing the treatment, put treatment on hold while they sought a better solution. PLM believes that Fluridone (Sonar) is the best next step. 

In this video, because the program was on hold, Township Treasurer John Calhoun explains that funds from Clark Lake’s SAD are sufficient to pay for the new treatment.  John Calhoun then makes a motion, to go forward with the program, supported by Rick Deland. At the conclusion of this video is bonus footage.  Flip Reynold brought trustees up to date about a proposed Michigan law that would direct the DNR to grant money to lakes to stop the spread of invasive weeds.  Click here for more details on this ongoing story. 


In this video from, you’ll see Steve Hanson explain why he believes Sonar is the way to go.