To the donors of the Clark Lake Community Center Restoration project and the Pretty Pergola Campaign:

Thank you!  You’re invited to an Open House on Thursday, October 26th, between 3 pm and 6 pm.  Most work will be completed by then, and you can see the beginnings of how the Community Center will preserve Clark Lake’s Past.

In this video, you’ll see how the Recognition Display and Pretty Pergola Plaque came together with the help of a laser, a level, and good old-fashion measuring.  It starts with the installation of the Recognition Display.  Then Mike McKay and Flip Reynolds take over as they mount the Pretty Pergola Plaque.


Thanks to M-R Builder, who played a great role in the restoration, and is Title Sponsor of the Open House.  Thanks also to the Eagle’s Nest and Blair Huff who will provide some tasteful delights to take the edge off your Thursday afternoon appetite.

We hope you will mark this on your calendar now, and join fellow donors at this Open House.

Directors of the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation

  • Rick Belcher, President
  • Kevin Thomson, Vice President
  • Elaine Stewart, Treasurer
  • Josie Hones, Secretary
  • Tucker Boyers
  • Mike McKay
  • Melissa Owings
  • Joe Thorrez
  • Mick Thorrez


The Clark Lake Community Center Leadership Group

Jaimie Mercer, Mike McKay, Ann Swain, Mick Thorrez, Meredythe Hill VanDusen, Flip Reynolds

The Clark Lake Garden Angels