To the Donors of the Clark Lake Community Center Restoration project and/or Pretty Pergola Campaign:

The Clark Lake Spirit Foundation invites you to a Community Center Open House on Thursday, October 26, from 3 pm to 6 pm.

There’s not enough thanks in the world for your support of these two projects.  Because of your generosity, most restoration work on our 125 Victorian lady has been completed.  Over the summer, your joining the Garden Angels’ Pretty Pergola Campaign made possible the purchase of a structure that greatly enhances the setting.  The styles of the historic Graziani cottage and the Pergola seem to say “they always belonged together.”

The Open House will give you an opportunity to see the restorative work on the house and the fully assembled Pretty Pergola.  You will also see your name on the Recognition Display and/or the Pretty Pergola Plaque.  These grace a wall as you enter the north entrance.

On the display, you’ll see a phrase across the bottom.  This phrase highlights how the community came together in the Clark Lake Spirit now, as in the past.  It telegraphs to future generations what this group of over 100 has accomplished, and gives true meaning to its words:  Standing Up for Clark Lake.

Thank you, M-R Builder.  Not only has this fine company donated a major part of the construction, but is also the title sponsor of the Open House on October 26th.

The Directors of the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation

  • Rick Belcher, President
  • Kevin Thomson, Vice President
  • Elaine Stewart, Treasurer
  • Josie Hones, Secretary
  • Tucker Boyers
  • Mike McKay
  • Melissa Owings
  • Joe Thorrez
  • Mick Thorrez


The Community Center Leadership Group

Jaimie Mercer, Mike McKay, Ann Swain, Mick Thorrez, Meredythe Hill VanDusen, Flip Reynolds.  Not pictured: Rick Belcher

The Garden Angels