Perhaps we need a little musical help on this.  In 1968 a group called the Zombies hit the top of the charts with a song called Time of the Season.  Even though the lyrics don’t say anything about our twice-annual time change, somehow it feels like the right song for the moment. Clocks go back one hour at 2 am Sunday.  The time change is always easy when you remember the phrase “spring forward, fall back.”

If you watched the movie “Back to the Future”, you’ll remember part of the plot line was to “save the clock tower.”  Clark Lake doesn’t have a clock tower, but there is an unusual clock in a public place, a place most people visit.  That place is the Beach Bar and you’ve probably noticed it as you wait for a table…or as you leave.  Maybe you glanced at it and wondered how the evening went by so fast.  This clock looks like it may have been around for a long time, since the 1940s or earlier.

According to Peggy Collins, her son, John who owns and manages the Beach Bar, found the clock in the attic of the cottage that is adjacent to the Beach Bar. It didn’t work at first, so he “took it in for repairs.”  Since then it has accurately recorded memorable Clark Lake minutes at the Beach Bar.

beach bar clock