Thanks to Ann Swain and Rob Thomas, here are two views of this morning’s (Thursday 1/7) sunrise at Clark Lake.  Clark Lake provides an excellent canvas for nature’s creativity as these two photos illustrate.

The view in Ann’s photo is from the west end across Hyde Road, looking east towards Mud Point.  Rob’s perspective is from the north shore looking in the direction of Eagle Point.

AS sunrise 2016 01-07

Photo above: Ann Swain


RT sunrise 2016 01-07

Photo: Rob Thomas

And what did the lake look like if you were facing west?  Below is Kris Johnson’s photo taken along Lakeview West shoreline.

KJ 2016 01-07

Photo above: Kris Johnson

The views around the lake extended beyond the water.  In the photo below, Ann Swain captures the sun playing on trees as her camera faces west.

AS sun on trees 2016 01-07

Photo: Ann Swain