Here’s an update on three Clark Lake Events.

Ticket sales for Ladies Wine Tasting tonight (Wednesday, May 22) were brisk.  This event is now sold-out.  The popular activity starts this evening at 6:30 pm at the Beach Bar.  

Last year, Ladies Wine Tasting took a year off.  Since its inception, the annual gathering has chalked up 10 successful years.  

This is a fund raiser for the Clark Lake Spirit Trail, a 7.3 mile path that enables walkers, runners and cyclists to follow the circumference of the lake.  Most Trail maintenance is performed by volunteers from the community.  Major infrastructure projects and some maintenance require bringing in outside help.  Two recent examples include laying erosion-inhibiting gravel next to the concrete section that goes through the Magic Forest, and getting rid of dead trees that posed a hazard along Jefferson Road. 

You can make a tax-advantaged donation to the Clark Lake Spirit Trail on this website.


Clark Lake’s Bill Leutz, who already has authored a book, is debuting another.  This one he subtitles as “Poems of Perception.”  What Do You See is a selection of poetry written over 30 years on his “search for answers to the what, how, and why of human existence…”. 

Bill invites you to his book signing event that will take place at the Pointe Bar & Grill Saturday (May 25) from 2 pm – 4 pm.

Like quite a few other Clark Lakers, including his sister, Ann Swain, Bill grew up in Toledo.  Joining other former Toledoans, he now lives at Clark Lake full time.

From Bill’s book:

A life without a dream is inconceivable,
neither science nor religion could survive.
For in a world where nothing can be credible
if it’s not touchable or edible
imagination cannot stay alive.



Memorial Day Monday features Michigan’s biggest little parade, and you find it right here at Clark Lake.  Participants assemble at the alternative school on North Lake Road and head toward Hyde Road.  At about 8:30am, the parade heads south on Hyde Road, pivots to the north at the Township Park, pauses at the cemetery for a remembrence of those who fell in battle, resumes north on Hyde and ends at the Clarklake Community Church.

What did the parade look like last year?  Click to find out.

The ceremony at the Clark Lake cemetery:

The Columbia Central Band performed the National Anthem at the Clarklake Community Church.