A three car collision at the intersection of Jefferson Road and Q Lane stopped traffic this afternoon (Sat 5/27).  The accident occurred 3:30 pm and blocked access to both roads.   The impact of the crash threw one car on its side. Injuries were not deemed serious. At the time this photo was taken, the driver was in the ambulance being looked over.

The Columbia Township Fire Department used their expertise to extricate the driver to escape the wreckage.  The windshield was removed during that process.

This couple, from Lake Columbia, said they were in the Ford, at the Jefferson and Hayes Road intersection, waiting to turn right onto Jefferson.  When the crash occurred, their car was hit.  In this photo, they were standing patiently near the Hayes Road stop sign as crews worked to clear the road.

According to Columbia Township Police, the light brown Honda was traveling east when the Chevy SUV, traveling west, turned left in front of it and was hit.  The female driver of the SUV was cited.