by William Leutz

Leutz NY pic 2015 12-31

As time flies by, as we accumulate
our annual laps around the nearby star,
as hair grows grey and certain memories dim,
we find our thoughts turn back to those we knew
in days and years that somehow slipped away.

So many little things can bring them back
into our mind; a sunset or a song,
a book we’re reading that recalls a day
we spent together, a thought of someone else;
these little things that turn our thoughts to travel
down the long lost paths of yesteryear.

I do not mean to say we dwell upon the past,
for that’s a futile path, a tree that bears
no fruit upon its dry and withered branches;
but still, in youth, we built our character,
we had experiences, and met the ones
who added stone and mortar to the edifice
that is our life.

And now in our maturity
we have the opportunity for gratitude
for all those joys we shared the lessons learned,
encounters that we had that helped to build
foundations of the person we’ve become.

We know life flows upon a river of
its own, and that the views along each bank
are constantly in change; life is no lived
supporting pains of past or fears of future,
for yesterday s gone, tomorrow yet
to come, and all we have is in this moment.

So let us take this blink of time to celebrate our life,
and all of those who helped to make it bright.

William Leutz
Clark’s Lake