L to R: Vic Marshall, Peggy Collins, Don Fowler, Jim Goetz, Janet Larson, Ann Swain (above), Sheri Bush, Bob Lajdziak, Dan Omo, Tucker Boyers. Not pictured: Kennrick & Shelby Bahaw, Rick Belcher

Work on the Clark Lake Spirit Trail is never finished.  Last night, committee members reviewed recent projects—removing trees that threatened Trail safety and the installation of gravel to support the concrete infrastructure that goes through the Magic Forest.  Most of the maintenance and improvements to the Trail happen through volunteer efforts.  These last two efforts required professional help.  For that reason, donations from people like you help get the job done (click here to donate via credit card). 

Gravel has been installed along the Trail in the Magic Forest where the concrete was vulnerable.

This crew was brought in to rid the Trail of trees that intruded upon the path along Jefferson Road

Co-chairman Tucker Boyers led the meeting

At the meeting, the committee also started the process of designing a program that would involve more Clark Lake residents in beautifying the Trail.  Would you like to help?  More on that soon on this website.

The Clark Lake Spirit Trail was conceived by Tom Collins as a way for the community to join together.  Today, decades later, it truly continues to do that.  Not only does the Trail require active community collaboration, but it actually connects neighbors who live on the lake.  You can cycle, walk or run around the entire 7.3 mile circumference of the lake. Prior to the Trail, there were obstacle areas like Jefferson Road where traffic is a hazard or sections that you could not pass through to get to the next neighborhood.  Below, check out the Trail map.

Dan Omo makes a point as Bob Lajdziak looks on

How the Trail was financed is another aspect of how the community came together. The Trail was not funded through tax dollars.  Only through private donations and fund raisers did it come about.  As an example of how that continues today, the Lajdziak’s recently donated the cash necessary to remove the trees posing a hazard along the section that parallels Jefferson Road.

The Spirit Trail is living testament to the community’s desire to maintain and improve its surroundings—and it’s all based on one thing—our love of Clark Lake.