On Christmas day over a decade ago, a younger Will Stewart received a gift from his grandmother that he really liked.  To show her how much he appreciated it, he said he would try it out immediately.  Was it a remote control airplane, basketball, or tennis racket?  No, it was a snorkel, a perfect gift for any kid living at Clark Lake.  But putting it to use right away?  On December 25th, no one ever thinks that taking a dip in the lake is the thing to do.  If you know Will Stewart, though, it wouldn’t surprise you that he was serious.  Yes, he would follow through.  The ideal place for the jump was at Eagle Point, with the docks still in the water, and the bubblers keeping the water open.  And so it was that a new tradition was born.   At Clark Lake, historical conventions must be observed,  Will hasn’t missed a year, even that time when the temperature was zero, and the windchill  ten below.

For the next 60 seconds in this video, let Will tell you how it’s going to be on Christmas day, 2021 at 1 pm.