Like other waymarks in 2020, Thanksgiving day may not follow its usual path.  That does not mean giving up on gratitude.  Those at Clark Lake often express an abundance of thankfulness. 

How do Clark Lakers feel about this community?  Heartfelt comments, both solicited and unsolicited, tell the story.  If you listen carefully and watch reactions, the specifics reveal themselves.  For more than a year, I gathered video about them and common themes emerged.  The fully produced video, below, debuted March 5th. 

While activity everywhere took a different turn this year, the Clark Lake spirit is stronger than ever.  How does this play out in life at the lake?  It’s a shared feeling that draws us together—as you will see in the video. 


For more videos that highlight Clark Lake during this most different of years, please click here. 

Video and story:  Rick Belcher