Many at Clark Lake recognize the amazing blessing to be part of this community.  With that in mind, these Clark Lakers tell why they are thankful to be here.  Take two minutes and watch this video of people you may know.  Then join them by adding your comment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Produced by Rick Belcher

Here are some comments:

Kaci Babineau:
Like my dad Roger says in this video, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Clark Lake. My parents met here, having grew up just 3 houses away from each other, got married years later and had my brother B.J. and I. This place also kept me close to my extended family like Barb Czyrka and Jack Burns and created lifelong friendships with people like Colleen Dandar Tankoos and Sally Dandar Lyons, who married my brother and added another generation who will enjoy its beauty. It truly is my happy place.

Sallie Miller:
I grew up coming to Clark Lake every summer when visiting my grandparents, Don & Gertrude Lyons, my aunt & uncle, Roger & Dorothy Lyons and my cousins.  Because my mother was a school teacher and taught summer school, we usually came for a month.   I always loved being part of the fun that we always had swimming and boating on the lake.  I recently visited my Aunt back in May, 2017, and found that not much had really changed from a distance, but a lot of homes on the lake had changed.   I was so excited to be there because it was my home away from home in the summer and sad when I had to leave.  It is my hope that I can go back.

Jack Burns:
While still relative newbies with only a little over 50 years on Clark Lake, so grateful my folks brought us to this special place.  My kids are just the 3rd generation enjoying the summers there, and hopefully there will be more generations roaming Eagle Point for years to come.

Steve Lambert:
We’re thankful for Clark Lake for, it seems a common theme, bring my wife Lauri and I together. Both our families started coming here back in the late ‘60’s and Lauri and I got to be more than friends over the wonderful years spent at the lake. We just celebrated 30 years of marriage and look forward to sharing more memories with our kids and, hopefully, their kids! Clark Lake IS a place where generations are born.

Pamela Chmiel:
I am also thankful for Clarklake, great community ,wonderful friends.

Kirby North:
My grandfather North docked a small sailboat at the first yacht club on Kentucky point in the 20’s. Our parents Patricia & Raddy (Radcliffe) North spent summers on the lake growing up and eventually moved out year around on Q Lane. They instilled in their children love for the same happy summers of swimming and fireflies: as did their children, now the fifth generation.
Both my parents died peacefully surrounded by their children overlooking the lake in their beloved white cottage with the green roof built turn of the century.

Diana Ganiard Potts:
Six generations!  This is HOME, and my “piece of Heaven” on earth.  Love it here with all my heart and soul…

Blair Hoppert:
The Hoppert family have been coming to Clark Lake for 5 generations. Love the lake. So relacking and restful.

Amy Belcher Bless:
I’m so grateful to have had the wonderful blessing of growing up at Clarklake. As my mother said “You’ve been coming to Clarklake since before you were born, and so have I.” Home in every sense of the word.

Ann Swain: 
I just plain LOVE Clark Lake. The lake is the first place I see in the morning and the last place I see at night. The many “moods ” of the lake keep every day interesting, exciting and comforting.
My Grandparents honeymooned at Clark Lake, it is where I spent every summer of my life, met my husband, Jim, raised our children. My family has 3 homes at the lake and if you add the Shawaker cousins, we have 5 homes at the lake.  My Brother Bill has written a book called “The Clams Are Still Baking” chronicling our family life at Clark Lake.  Clark Lake is Home for my Family. The best place in the world!

Ruth Ann Swain:
I️ am thankful for Clark Lake and just like Rodger, wouldn’t be here without it, as my mom (from Toledo) and dad (from Jackson) met and fell in love at the lake!  Thanks Rick Belcher am really enjoying these videos!! Brings you all closer.

Debie Meyers Sautter:
Very well done. Thank you!

Stacy Harrison:
Love this! Nicely done.

Walt Shuberg:
Great job Rick