Looking at a map, you quickly realize Clark Lake is longer than it is wide, even though it doesn’t always seem that way when you’re in a boat.   Here’s your geography test.  If you’re standing at the west end of the lake, can you see the east end?

nancy-west-end-2016-11-06Nancy Anderson, who lives on Hyde Road, sheds light on the question.  “When my daughter, Angela, was in college, she worked at the Beach Bar during the summer.  She would stand at the front entrance and wave–and we could see her through a telescope in our front window.  This is the only location on the lake that you can see the front door of the Beach Bar from the west end.”  To confirm Nancy’s story, the Clark Lake Spirit Spycam went into action.  Standing in front of her house, this is what you see.

dsc_1727_1119Can you see the Beach Bar front entrance?  Yes, with a telephoto lens.

dsc_1727_1120You can see the east end from a very few houses on Hyde Road.  And there’s only one that allows a view of the Beach Bar’s front door.  Ready for another test?

The next question is how long is Clark Lake if you a draw a line from the west end to the east end without touching any land in between.  The result is slightly different from line of sight above. Below is your answer.

Clark Lake end to end psWithout touching any land, the length of the lake is 2.19 miles, according to this Jackson County calculation.