In an unusual turn of events, the swamp between Eagle Point Road and Lakeview West has dried up.  How unusual is this?  Dave Curtis says “I only saw this happen one other time, and that was in 1988.”  The swamp is on Dave’s property.  He’s lived at Clark Lake since 1943, so he has good historical context. 

The Eagle Point Road swamp has been around as long as anyone can remember.  It’s a place where you studied tadpoles turning into frogs, watched turtles sunning themselves, and swatted mosquitoes.  Not so for the one on North Lake Road.  At one time it was an apple orchard.   It’s been said the sewer system installation disrupted the draining system in that area.  Water accumulated and stayed.  Today there is still water in that area, but not much.

Below is a video that will give you perspective from ground and air at both locations.  Thanks to BJ Lyons for the drone video.  

With the water gone from the Eagle Point swamp, not much is revealed.  But if you magically removed some of the cracked mud, there could be surprises.  The only one spotted recently was an old real estate for sale sign that rested on the muddy surface.