Sometimes the English language falls short of superlatives to describe Clark Lake’s sunset.  As you will see from these views, a thorough dictionary search is in order.

The next three views provide a time lapse lasting about thirty minutes.

And it kept getting better.

Finally there was a touch of pink and purple as dusk claimed the sky.

As the sun headed toward the horizon, these chairs said “come back tomorrow.”

Bathed in sunset gold, these four echoed the invitation.

If this was the finale, what was the lead-in?  The humidity was low, the sun was high in the sky.  Clark Lake was welcoming the summer season with open arms.

The lure worked. Boating activity suggested “the weekend is here.”

There was just enough breeze to keep it interesting for sailors.  Clark Lake has not seen Lightning class sailboats for awhile.  This one was spotted today.

Meanwhile, the swan family occupied the County Park cove.

There seem to be fewer ducks on the lake this spring, but this one appears to enjoy the solitude.