Super Saturday is the pinnacle of the hard fought season-long competition of the Clark Lake’s Men’s Shuffleboard League.  The event on March 18, 2023, did not disappoint. Fans watched as the ten two-man teams did their best to win for their division — Green vs Red.  The matches established five places.  How does that look on paper?  First, watch this one-minute video, but be aware of this Trigger-Warning: in an unhinged moment of rational exuberance two F-bombs were uttered.  If woke, don’t watch.


Here are the final standings, thanks to Tom Nelson.

Leighton Uhl and Dennis Wenzlick were runners-up for first place.

Brad Beyer was voted the Tom Collins Most Valuable Player


Take a look at the slide show.  In it you’ll find some of the competitors holding up envelopes.  Those are cash prizes for their accomplishments in this game of skill.  As the camera scans the room, do you see anyone you know?