The morning was chilly, but the sun was bright as several volunteers gathered to participate in the annual Spirit Trail cleanup.  In this short video, Dan Omo, project organizer, and Ann Swain, committee chairperson, tell the story.

The Trail follows Clark Lake’s shoreline.  Those on bikes, running or walking get a variety of views–the lake, forested areas, or traditional lake neighborhoods.  The maintenance is a volunteer effort.  The photos below illustrate the effort of the volunteers today in three areas–the County Park, along Jefferson Road, and in the Township Park at the head-of-the-lake.

TB 2017 03-11 Magic Forest 1Maintenance of the Trail is a continuing project.  Residents clear debris, trim foliage, and manicure areas near their homes.   Several weeks ago, Tucker Boyers, Bob Lajdziak and Don Fowler cleared a tree that had fallen in the Magic Forest (between Jefferson Road and Lakeview East).  

This is truly a community project.  Without widespread participation, the Trail would not exist.

At times there are large infrastructure repairs or improvements.  Two examples are shown below–repaving the area adjacent to the Post Office on Hyde Road and installing a new pathway between Rita and Grand Boulevard at the east end.

Drains being installed

Drains being installed at section near the Post Office

trail concrete in place

Building the new section between Rita and Grand Blvd

Infrastructure projects require financial support from people like you.  The Clark Lake Spirit Trail is not underwritten by tax dollars.  You can make a tax free donation to the Trail through this website or by mailing a check to PO Box 224, Clarklake, MI 49234.  Whether online or by mail, please designate “Spirit Trail.”