West end boat launch

Have you noticed the signs that have gone up (or are going up) at the boat launches around the lake?  There’s a stern message on them, but there’s also a significant benefit when the warning is heeded.

As you have read, hybrid Eurasian water milfoil now infests 20 acres of Clark Lake.  Left unchecked, this invader spreads rapidly. It grows so thickly that recreational use of the lake (boating, fishing and swimming) is curtailed and natural habitat is destroyed.  The Clark Lake Invasive Species Committee is working on the problem and you’ll hear more about their efforts shortly.  For a review of activities, click here.

How did this invader get into the lake?  One likely way is that it hitched a ride on boats or trailers that came from infected waters and then were launched into Clark Lake.  With proper treatment this invader can be thwarted.  But there are worse invasive species such as starry stonewart that aren’t here but could be on the way.  To avoid even nastier invasions an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

To review the DNR’s message, check out their words:

hitchiker close up