The creative types at Clark Lake are already conceiving the cool ideas.  The engineers among them are thinking of how to translate those ideas into metal, wood, cardboard & over the top mechanical and electric devices, all of which must float on two pontoons.  The plotters are looking to surprise us as they map out strategies to take the prize.  And the secretive G-2 contingents are looking to conceal their furtive activities as their creations take form–the competition must not find out!  This is the state of Clark Lake at this time of year as the 57th Annual Raft-O-Rama draws near on Sunday, August 6th.

Before you dive into the 10 Things You Need to Know about Raft-O-Rama but Were Afraid to Ask, know that there is plenty of free cardboard available, generously supplied by Georgia-Pacific.  You can pick some up at 474 S. Woodland Drive.  

Thanks to Dotty Karkheck for creating this colorful, information-filled piece.