The motto of the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation and this website is “Standing Up for Clark Lake.”  Sally Lyons recently turned that phrase on its head.  How many times do you see someone on a paddle board standing on his or her head?

Wednesday, April 30th was a cloudy, but calm (and somewhat warm) day.  And Sally says “I couldn’t resist–in spite of being a bit nervous about falling into the cold lake.”  But she pulled it off as you can see from these photos.Sally Lyons

Over the last few months, many have centered their thought on summer to take their minds off of what was going on outside.  Sally must have been part of that crowd as she worked on plans for the coming season.  She plans to teach beginning and intermediate Stand Up Paddle Board classes here at the lake.  Says Sally, “It’s a great way to challenge your body, gain flexibility, build core strength, and enjoy the lake when it’s calm.” Sally is currently going through a 6-month yoga teacher certification class at Bhatki Yoga Studio of Brooklyn.  You can reach out to Sally at or (419) 509-3494.

The photos were taken by Sally’s husband, B.J. Lyons.