It’s a reassuring sign of spring—the annual Spirit Trail Cleanup.  It involves getting rid of what winter left behind.  Leaves, sticks, dirt, weeds, and the like all have to go to welcome properly the new season.

This a volunteer activity, and your help is needed.  The Committee asks you to meet at the County Park (east end).  Bringing your tools for the day will help—rakes, shovels, plastic trash bags, etc.  The start time for the operation is 9 am, Saturday, March 23.  See you there!

As veteran Clark Lakers know, the Trail follows the circumference of the lake, and there is 7.3 miles of it.  Lots to care for.  Saturday, and every day, is the right time to keep it looking great.

Below is a photo taken this evening from the DamCam.  If you look carefully, you can see the Trail going through the County Park, in front of the Clark Lake Community Center.


Below, check out this short video to see how things went last year.