As weather warms, attention turns to the Welcome to Clark Lake Sign.  On the side facing the Spirit Trail are plaques with the names of Clark Lakers.  For each bronze plaque, the Trail has received a donation of $1000.  Since the last installation of plaques, several others have asked for a plaque to be cast and placed on the sign. 

The Clark Lake Spirit is clearly evident in this project.  Annette Fink designed and crafted this testament to the Spirit Trail and Clark Lake.  Volunteers stepped up and helped to turn this dream into reality.  As well as a way to support the Spirit Trail through donations, Clark Lakers leave a permanent mark that clearly signifies their love of the lake.  It’s about remembering and being remembered.  Would you like to be included?  The deadline approaches for new plaques to be ordered.  The plaques are 6 x 8.  For an example of the proper amount or type of verbiage, scroll down.  For more information, email 


To view the Sign in an earlier, stage, view the video below.