Tomorrow (Tuesday 7/25/16), Professional Lake Management (PLM) will be at the lake to spot treat several smaller patches of hybrid Eurasian water milfoil (HEWM).  The locations include in front of the east dock of the Clark Lake Yacht Club and three more patches along the cove to the east.   A suspected patch has been noted in the Pierces Bay area, and PLM will be looking for that, as well.

If treatment takes place near you, a sign will be posted in your yard.  There is a 24-hour swimming restriction within 100 feet of treatment.  Please click here for more details on how treatment works.

Earlier this season, PLM found the May 18th treatment appeared to do serious damage to the 30-acres of the HEWM surveyed this spring.  Limited water clarity has hindered the ability to complete a more comprehensive survey. Clearer water in September will allow for a better view of what has transpired.

That other patches would pop up this summer is not unexpected.  PLM had  indicated further treatment could take place later in the season, if needed.

The quick spread invasive weed can create huge problems.  Lakes that did not take action found that this invasive species greatly curtailed recreational use of their lakes, destroyed wildlife habitat and hurt property values.  This program targets invasive species, not native varieties.

The patch of invasive weeds below are in front of a Clark Lake Yacht Club dock.  Hopefully they will meet their match tomorrow.