Spirit Trail: County Park

The Trail is named after Tom Collins: The Thomas R. Collins Clark Lake Spirit Trail

The Clark Lake Spirit Trail is a shining example of what this community is about. The Trail was built with the idea of exemplifying community spirit. Funds for its construction and maintenance have come from voluntary donations and fund raisers, not tax dollars.  And it’s been the many hours of hard work of the Trail Committee and the service-oriented volunteers that keep it in great shape.

Because donations are so important to the Trail’s existence, it’s only fitting that names of donors be recognized. Users of the Trail know that there are names of donors embedded in the concrete in the portion of the Trail that parallels Jefferson Road.  Additional donor names were recently engraved on a bronze plaque and attached to the granite marker at the trail head that lauds Tom Collins for his involvement in the Trail and community.

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donors ps 2015 03-13v2

Photo: Ann Swain

Donations are always welcome and will be recognized.

Bronze * $250 – $500
Silver ** $600 – $800
Gold *** $1000 – $2500 ***  (name on plaque or name on the trail surface)
Platinum **** over $3000 (name both on trail and on plaque)