As previously reported on this website, crews are improving the Spirit Trail in two locations — the section that runs parallel to Hyde Road at the west end, and in the County Park, east end.  Tree roots and weather have roughened the surface in both locations.  The crews are resolving the problem by getting rid of the roots and preparing the surface for repaving.

Yesterday (Wed 4/26), work began on two areas of the Trail in the County Park as you can see in the slide show.  The temporary patching is now in place.

  • Prep work at trailhead in County Park
  • Temporary patch near trailhead in County Park
  • Prep work near bench in County Park
  • Temporary patch near bench in County Park
  • Prep work at section parallel to Hyde Road, west end.


Prep work continues in the former railroad bed, parallel to Hyde Road.  Once the prep work is complete, and weather cooperates, both the County Park and Hyde Road sections will be covered by a thick layer of asphalt.

The result will make for a smoother ride on bikes and a more inviting walk or run.