Boyers and Omo on Trail ps 2015 05-06

Bret Boyers and Dan Omo along on Spirit Trail along Jefferson Road. Photo by Tucker Boyers

The Clark Lake Spirit Trail Committee knows well what it takes to maintain this Clark Lake gem.  And today revealed a couple of perfect illustrations. Earlier this evening, Tucker Boyers, his son, Bret, and Dan Omo were hard at work repairing a washed out area in the area that parallels Jefferson Road.  With shovels in hand and a truck parked along the road, they firmed up the affected section and scooped up the excess.

Work is also beginning in the section of the Trail that is adjacent to the post office at the head of the lake.  The asphalt there was weakened by continual freezing and thawing and exacerbated by mail truck traffic to the back of the post office.  Until this area is repaired, the trail that parallels Hyde Road will be closed.

The Trail exists because of the many individuals who have put so much work into it, the success of fund raisers and generous monetary donations.  Ask most people and they will acknowledge that the Trail enhances the Clark Lake experience.  And it’s safe to say that Ann Swain and the entire Spirit Trail Committee would agree with Tucker Boyers comment “we are blessed, and it feels good to give back.”