Good news.  Improvement to the Clark Lake Spirit Trail that takes you through the County Park is complete.  It reopened yesterday (Sat 5/6).  The bumps and cracks in the surface are a thing of the past.  The new layer of thick asphalt will make for a Dynaflow bike ride and more pleasant walk or run experience.

Similar improvement will take place at the west end on the section of the Trail that runs parallel to Hyde Road.  The surface has been prepped by eliminating offending roots, cutting back weeds, and ironing out major distortions.  That work could start as early as tomorrow (Mon 5/8).  Expect this section to be closed for several days.

Although volunteers spend many hours of their time to maintain the Trail, improvements like these require hiring contractors.  Because of donations to the Trail, upgrades have taken place.  Some contributions come from those who have had their names, or names of family, cast in bronze and permanently attached to the Welcome to Clark Lake Sign.  It’s located on North Lake near Grand Boulevard and expresses the Clark Lake Spirit to anyone on that part of the Trail, or to those driving by.  Designed to be a lasting testament from those who love Clark Lake and the Trail, another set of 6 x 9 bronze plaques will be cast soon.  Interested?  The current deadline is June 15th.  Please email as a first step.  The donation is $1000 per plaque.  The Spirit Trail is part of the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, a 501c3.

A new class of names was added last fall.  They are highlighted in white in the photo below.

Also popular are Spirit Trail benches.  You’ll find them placed around the 7.4 miles of the Trail, and offer a place to rest or reflect.  Here is a photo of a recent addition.