If you’ve been following the story on this website, you know that two sections of the Spirit Trail are about to be refreshed.  Preparation has already taken place at the County Park (east end) and former railroad bed (west end) that parallels Hyde Road.  Crews plan to lay down the final thick layer of asphalt tomorrow (Thurs 5/4) in County Park section.  Until Saturday, that section will be closed and taped off.  The  contractor plans to pave the west end section on Monday and is likely to be closed most of the week.  Once inspected, the tape will be removed, and that location will once again be open.  Results?  A smooth ride on your bike and more inviting surface for a walk or run.

Over time, tree roots and Michigan’s weather cause Trail surfaces to be distorted.  The root problem has been mitigated and patches put in place to prepare for tomorrow’s work.

This project is an example of steps taken to preserve the integrity of the Trail.   Volunteers regularly rake, leaf blow, and shovel to maintain the path.  For repaving or other major construction, it’s necessary to employ third parties such as in this case.  Because of donations made to the Spirit Trail through the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation (501c3), this work and other construction projects can be performed.

This video shows volunteers at work for the annual cleanup that took place on April 15th this spring.  In it, you’ll see some of the paving prep work in action.

The Spirit Trail is truly one of the jewels in Clark Lake’s crown.  It was built entirely through the impetus, hard work, and fundraising of residents.  To catch the feeling of what was necessary to launch this project in 1996, revisit this story that focuses on an early volunteer.  Dick Cochran passed away on Thursday, September 30, 2021.  But his legacy, as well as many others, lives on in spirit as the Trail is used by residents and visitors each day.