Don Fowler  2015 07-08

Don Fowler volunteering at the Columbia Township Cemetery.   Photo: Tucker Boyers

Those familiar with the Clark Lake Spirit Trail know its history–that it was conceived by volunteers, built by volunteers, improved by volunteers, is maintained by volunteers, and supported by private donations.

The Trail passes through over 7 miles in drawing a circle around Clark Lake. Part of the volunteer work involves the upkeep of landscaping through some of these areas. Most of these areas have been “claimed”by volunteers who weed, rake and keep flowers blooming.  Currently there are three locations needing attention and for someone like you to “claim ownership” of this work.  Two are where the Trail goes through the County Park.  Both gardens at the east and west end are available.  The third location is in the Township Park, at north end fence.

Below are photos of the three areas.  To enlarge photos, click or tap; to reduce, repeat.

If interested, the Clark Lake Spirit Trail committee invites you to join their effort.  For more information, you can reach out to Ann Swain at 529-9485.