trail by post office

View of the Trail looking west to the former Cincinnati Northern Railroad bed

Michigan weather is a cruel taskmaster, especially with the abuse it inflicts on any sort of pavement.  That was painfully evident at the end of last winter when drivers had to play dodge ’em with rim-damaging potholes.  The Spirit Trail also suffered in the area around the post office–from where the building starts, west to the old railroad bed.

The Clark Lake Spirit Trail Committee has commissioned Bendele Construction to repave that section.  Included will be a catch basin and drain to prevent the accumulation of water.  The repeated freezing and thawing weakens the infrastructure and one fissure in the surface leads to another, destroying the integrity of the surface.  The puddles are also a nuisance to those using the Trail.

The construction plan recognizes that the surface must be robust enough to handle the weight of post office vehicles that have access to the small parking lot behind the building, used for loading and unloading deliveries.  It’s expected that some prep work may be completed before the end of the year, depending on weather conditions.  It’s likely that the laying of concrete will be delayed until spring.

As with the Trail extension between Rita and Grand Boulevard at the east end, Ann Swain, Tucker Boyers and Vic Marshall are overseeing the project.

Clark Lake Spirit Trail projects are funded through donations from people like you.  Your donation is welcome and can be made through the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, a non-profit for tax purposes.  Simply use your credit card and go to “Donations” on this website–and direct the use of your donation to benefit the Clark Lake Spirit Trail.