The Clark Lake Spirit Trail Committee is working on plans to enhance it.  The Trail is supported entirely through private donations, and recognizing those contributions illustrates the community’s widespread support. A new wall of donors is in the plans.  It will display names of new contributors and those now found on the Jefferson Road section. Names on the Jefferson Road portion of the Trail have faded, and in some cases, have entirely disappeared.

The monument is proposed for the new section of the Trail between Rita and Grand Boulevard. The names will be visible from the Spirit Trail bench which faces the road.  Motorists will see the other side that faces the road. Below, take a look at an artist’s mock up.  (If “Clark Lake” is part of the verbiage, it will represented as two words and not contracted). 

Facing the road

Facing the Trail. Visible to those sitting on the Spirit Trail Bench

The new wall has yet to be officially named.  Other than the names on the Jefferson Road section, guidelines to have a name listed have not yet been been announced.  The construction will likely take place in the spring.

L to R: Rick Belcher, Bob Lajdziak, Don Fowler, Ann Swain, Dan Omo, Janet Larson, Tucker Boyers, Jim Gaetzi

The Spirit Trail Committee meets year around and watches over the 7.3 mile path around the lake. The Trail offers a variety of surfaces, and was designed with cyclists, walkers and runners in mind. Maintenance comes almost entirely from volunteers.  Fund raising supports new construction like the section between Rita and Grand Boulevard and the rebuild of the area adjacent to the post office on Hyde Road. You can make a tax-advantaged donation to the Trail through this website and the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, a 501c3.