After several weather-related postponements, the annual spring cleanup for the Clark Lake Spirit Trail will happen this Saturday  (April 21).  Dan Omo, who is leading the effort says “let’s get it done!”  Dan and the Spirit Trail committee ask you to bring your rakes, brooms, shovels, and most of all, your energy to help get rid of what winter left behind.  They ask you to meet at 9 am at the County Park at the east end, near the Community Center.

In addition to the spring clean up, volunteers are also active throughout the year watching for and repairing path wash-outs, trimming low hanging branches, and mowing.  From time to time, there are major infrastructure repairs such as the complete overhaul of the section next to the post office at the west end and the addition of the new section between Rita and Grand Boulevard.  For larger scale infrastructure improvements, donations become necessary.  You can make a tax-advantaged donation through this website via credit card or by check to the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, PO Box 224, Clark Lake, Michigan 49234.

The Trail circles the lake, about 7.3 miles. It provides a path for runners, walkers, and cyclists to enjoy multiple views of the lake, neighborhoods and nature.  And it does so on a variety of surfaces.

The Spirit Trail committee is co-chaired by Ann Swain and Tucker Boyers.  Below is a recent photo from a recent committee meeting.

l to r: Rick Belcher, Bob Lajdziak, Tucker Boyers, Peggy Collins, Pat Dwyer, Don Fowler, Dan Omo, Kristy Allen. Not pictured: Ann Swain

The Clark Lake Spirit Trail would not exist without volunteers.  It’s people like you who donate their time and money to keep it looking great.