Saturday, March 26th, (tomorrow) is the rescheduled date for the Spirit Trail Cleanup.  

Each March, a small army of Spirit Trail volunteers gather together with rakes, shovels, and trash bags to restore this path to its former glory.  Can you help?  Meet Dan Omo in the east end County Park at 9 am.  Dan will have a list of places needing attention, including this request for edging on the Jefferson Road section. 

Clark Lakers regularly volunteer throughout the year without being asked.  If you live along the trail and notice a need, you can be among the many who pitch in.  It’s all part of standing up for Clark Lake. 

How did the clean up go last spring?  Check it out in this short video…

Originally scheduled for last Saturday, too much rain held back the activity.  Since then, Clark Lake has received 1 3/4 inches of rain.  What if that had been snow?  Multiply 1.75 by 10 and you get 17.5 inches of snow.