The blessing of the Clark Lake Spirit Trail was conducted by the Clarklake Community  Church, on Sunday, June 19, near the Community Center in the County Park at the east end.  The blessing is intended to benefit those who use the Trail during the year.  Church member Walt Reed comments “it’s a beautiful setting that allows Clark Lake residents to thank God for the gift of the Trail and provides an opportunity to contribute to its maintenance.” A special collection is taken at the event to raise funds to maintain the Trail.

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Some members of the Spirit Trail committee and family members of Tom Collins, who was instrumental in the construction of the Trail, typically attend.

Pastor Foltis podium 2016 06-26

Pastor Foltis

The church’s retired pastor, Frank Feltis, an avid cyclist who used the Trail often, initiated the annual tradition seven years ago.   Returning to Clark Lake for a vacation, Pastor Feltis was asked by the current pastor, John Reed, to give the sermon.

Pastor Feltis retired from the Clark Lake Community Church in 2014 to take his wife, Ann, back to their home in South Dakota.  Ann had been suffering from Lou Gerig’s disease. Sadly, she passed away in November 2014.