During the hunting season, the Magic Forest section of the Spirit Trail is blocked off.  Why?  The owners of the property allowed the Trail to be built through their property.  They also hunt with bow and arrow and firearms in that area.  So, they ask that signs be respected, and left in place.  They will remove them when appropriate. 

The Magic Forest is a loved section of the Trail.  With towering trees providing a canopy, the path winds through leading users to feel a sense of magic.  It also provides a  practical connection from the Jefferson Road section to Lakeview East, thus avoiding vehicular traffic in that area.

The Spirit Trail is one of Clark Lake’s most cherished amenities. How it came to be says a great deal.  No arm of government was responsible for building it.  Rather it was the Clark Lake community coming together to make it happen.  It was Tom Collins who found the perfect words to herald the Spirit Trail’s beginnings.