Annette Fink is the winner of the 2021 Mary Reynolds Spirit of Clark Lake Award.  The plaque, lauding her efforts on behalf of the lake, was awarded as part of the winners ceremony at Raft-O-Rama. Flip Reynolds, Mary’s son, presented the award.

Annette’s contribution to Clark Lake is no secret.  As most people know, she designed and crafted the Welcome to Clark Lake Sign on North Lake Road.  An historical snapshot of how the sign came to be shows why this project has special meaning.  Construction of the Spirit Trail came with a price tag.  Those who donated $1000 were recognized by having their name imprinted in the Trail’s concrete along Jefferson Road.  But weather and time wore away the names. In a flash of genius, the Trail Committee came up with the idea of the Sign as a replacement.  Bronze plaques with the names of donors on the Trail side, and something else on the road side.  But what would be the “something else?” That something else became the Welcome to Clark Lake Sign.  Annette Fink brought the idea to life with the sheer drama of colorful high-fired clay, in what you see today.  Below  Annette is standing with her husband, Kevin, in front of the sign, after receiving a state proclamation for her work. 

The Spirit of Clark Lake plaque is created each year by Mary Reynold’s daughter, Joey Reynolds Massangale.  According to Joey’s brother, Flip, their mother quietly found ways to make the lake a better place.  Clark Lake meant a lot to her.  Even in her last days, she continued to take part in the community, including Raft-O-Rama.  The award is decided upon by vote of the community with ballots available before Raft-O-Rama at local stores.

The award was omitted last year because of the pandemic.  The 2019 winner was Dan Omo.  Previous winners are Rick Belcher, Peggy Collins, Peggy’s late husband Tom, Peggy’s son John, Bill Bendele, Evelyn Menard, Bunty Adams, Louie & Michele Ambs, Bill Tuttle, Bev Avis, Loretto Baker, Don Fowler, R. Tucker Boyers, George Svinicki, Joanne Ambs, Ogden Adkins, John & Dotty Karkheck, Dick Cochran, Woody Newman, Ann Swain, Pat Dwyer, Jamie Mercer, Sam & Kathy Pease, and Meredith Szostek.