As 2016 drew to a close, Clark Lake’s ice was smooth and clear.  Add just the right amount of wind and you get perfect sailing weather.  Michael McCarthy is often seen on the lake with his ice boat.  On this date, Phil Schindler took it for a spin.  The whole event was recorded by BJ Lyons with his new drone. 

With the birds-eye view in BJ’s videos, you’ll notice the ice is smooth, but not entirely transparent.  The initial freeze in December took place during windy weather, followed later by snow.  Subsequent precipitation evened the surface and left it with the glisten you are seeing here.  

Drones are becoming increasingly sophisticated.  And along with that leap in technology, the drone requires more of the pilot.  BJ is showing how it’s done.  Here he is going through a preflight checklist.


BJ was not alone in photographing the ice boat.  Thanks to Phil Hones, we have more of the action.