Since the last time you looked, 11 new bronze plaques have been added to the Welcome to Clark Lake Sign.  The new class is bordered in white.  Online visibility of individual plaques will depend on your device.


The plaques are on the side facing the Spirit Trail with the names of Clark Lakers.  For each bronze plaque, the Trail has received a donation of $1000.  Due to the casting process, new plaques are added only once or twice a year.

This project is the Clark Lake Spirit in action.  Annette Fink designed and crafted the sign to enhance the Spirit Trail and Clark Lake.  Volunteers stepped up and helped to turn this dream into reality.  As well as a way to support the Spirit Trail through donations, Clark Lakers leave a permanent mark that clearly signifies their love of the lake.

This video takes you back to the construction of the sign.  In it, Annette Fink describes the process, including the Glaze-a-thon that involved many Clark Lakers.

With the addition of the latest class of 11, 87 plaques now grace this beautiful Clark Lake display.