Don Fowler, Tucker Boyers, Jim Gaetzi.  Photo: Jane Fowler

Clark Lakers have added new refinements to the Welcome to Clark Lake Sign.  Thanks to Tucker Boyers, Jim Gaetzi, Jane and Don Fowler, the Sign is one step nearer to completion.  The crew laid down heavy duty landscape cloth, and installed black edging with slate black chips around the base.  Earlier, Tricia Boyers applied slate black paint around the bottom edge, adding contrast to the high-fired clay pieces above. 

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What’s next?  Bronze plaques will be mounted on the Trail side of the Sign.  As most are aware, that side will recognize donors who have supported the Spirit Trail.  For each plaque, the Spirit Trail received a contribution of $1,000, and $2500 for business logos. Over the last 60-days, the Committee presented proofs to each donor to ensure that they are correct.  The foundry is currently manufacturing the plaques.  

The plaques symbolize this generation’s dedication to Clark Lake and to what it deems important to the community.  The Spirit Trail is one example.  There are others including the magic produced by the Garden Angels, saving the Graziani cottage to become the Community Center, and lake activities like Run Clark Lake, Crab Races, and Raft-O-Rama.  Perhaps the Sign will communicate to future generations what Clark Lakers have established thus far.  

This videos sums up a couple chapters of the Sign story.  Sign creator Annette Fink explains construction techniques and describes the Glaze-a-thon where volunteers gathered at the Beach Bar to help glaze the colorful clay pieces that would later be high-fired and attached to the surface of the Sign. 

Others along the way have contributed time and effort to the project.  Thanks to Mike Pulgini, Jackie Horvath and the team at Graphics Three for their help.